Guardians of the Transmitter

by Intersonic Subformation


Intersonic Subformation 3rd album visits dream-like World, full of cinematic soundscapes, static noises and mechanical glitches.

It's a World where the Nature holds on to what remains, while technology and communication deteriorates slowly as the "guardians of the transmitter" struggle to stay connected with others, attempting to broadcast their signal.

Opening track sets the mood that will prevail throughout the album, while the tension and frictions between the organic and digital elements reach the pinnacle halfway through this journey. Progressively, the music sets into calmness and melon coli, leaving a listener with a dream that continues to evolve, a dream that exposes new elements with each returned listening of this album.

Released on Aural Films label:


released April 18, 2016



Intersonic Subformation Toronto, Ontario

Ambient soundscapes, cinematic moods, space-age exploratory sonic travels.

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